Food, wine, travel, culture, sport, dance and more! Follow our passion as we unravel wonders of the world!

Food, wine, travel, culture, sport, dance and more! Follow our passion as we unravel wonders of the world!


Hoi Ung

Life is Always Now. The Joy of Being.

Graduated from Kingston University with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a short five years career in IT. Hoi as an entrepreneur were blessed with opportunities and successes for developing numerous businesses such as business planning & IT, design print, import/export and catering.

Hoi has a very strong work ethic giving his undivided attention to work and towards monetary success. Having spent nearly a decade running businesses, one would start questioning the path they've chosen. Upon taking the time to reflect, it soon became very clear.

Putting aside what could be described as chasing other people's dreams to focus on his own vision and goals. The kind of life he envision... to be free exploring the world and seeing nature at her most beautiful moments. A life of adventures, fun, learning and making new friends. Not being on lock down with responsibilities at one place or business. The freedom to go.

Follow Hoi's journey as he make the changes in his life. Along every adventure, he plans to share with you his experiences, passions, thoughts and inner most feelings. With his ultimate goals to become a Mastery in Zouk Dancing, Climb to the Summit of Mount Everest, Sail around the World, Expedition through the Amazon Jungle and the North Pole. IT WILL BE EPIC.

Live a life full of experiences rather than a life filled with possessions.

Shuo Huang

One day my life will flash before my eyes...I'm just making sure it's worth watching! Shuo is a freelance landscape photographer and travel blogger. Shuo is currently based in London, UK, from where he travels extensively. He has travelled to 50 countries throughout the world ranging from the mountainous Andes in South America to the enigmatic Far East. Specialising in landscape photography, he has photographed six of the seven continents. Easter Island, Myanmar and Chile are just a few of his favourite “middle of nowhere” places. A couple of his ultimate goals which are yet to be completed include travelling to all 196 countries in the world and to venture into space. “We are going to die, and that makes me and you the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. I intend to make the most of my time on our Earth whether it’s sandboarding down a dune or sampling Hákarl (google it!). I’m the kind of guy who will agree to a skydive with 5 minutes notice!”