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Food, wine, travel, culture, sport, dance and more! Follow our passion as we unravel wonders of the world!

Hen & Chickens Pub Grill

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_2014-09-25-17.06.46.jpgI have heard of this place from TripAdvisor and the raving reviews it had. After a hard bouldering session, me and Xin decided to go for some curry. Since we were nearby, I suggested we try this place and cross it off my list.

The exterior would somewhat trouble you, giving off a very ghetto and chavvy feel to it. You can probably seat about 20 people inside place. The interior were old with mismatched furnitures. However, we wasn't there to admire it's beauty. So lets eat!

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_2014-09-25-17.22.21.jpgTheir menu offered a very simple selection. When hungry, the last thing you would want is take forever to decide what to have.

The fish pakoras were crunchy on the outside, really soft inside and the mint sauce & chilli dips went perfectly with it. The lamb in the curry were tenderly soft in a nice thick curry sauce. Well balanced of spices and right the right amount of salt and not being too sweet. The naan were thin and had a crisp to it. Yum. 

Feeling only slightly peckish, we only ordered the Fish Pakora, Lamb Curry with garlic naan to share. Whilst waiting for the food, we saw across the table of customers having what looked like the large mixed grill with salad and sides to go with it. That portions were massive and it looks just like the grill food offered at The Grove Bar in Handsworth.

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_2014-09-25-17.22.35.jpgWhen it came to the quality of the meal, I got to admit, it was really good food despite the rugged look of the place. Even the toilets could do with a good refurbishment! This place really is a rough gem. If you like good food and not care too much about the appearance of the diner, you have to give this place a try.

The total cost of our meal with soft drinks came to around £17. Not too bad, but the best value would probably be the mixed grill for sharing.

Hens & Chicken (Formerly The Hen Bar & Grill)
Address: 27 Constitution Hill | Hockley/City Centre, Birmingham B19 3LE, England
Telephone: 0121 236 3121

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