Food, wine, travel, culture, sport, dance and more! Follow our passion as we unravel wonders of the world!

Food, wine, travel, culture, sport, dance and more! Follow our passion as we unravel wonders of the world!

16 Skills That Makes The Ultimate Adventurer

My childhood heroes were certainly Indiana Jones and Jackie Chan. How many times have you seen their movies and thought I want to do that!

If asked, what would make you into your real life Ultimate Adventurer? I know my answer...

Here I give you 16 Skills that would make the Ultimate Adventurer:


1 Scuba Diving - Being able to explore underwater takes your experience to a whole new world. The Ocean itself covers 70% of our planet. There is so much to discover because we humans have only explored a mere five percent leaving a huge mystery yet to be learned.


2 Rock Climbing & Leading - Once achieving a good level, you will have a body made for Adventuring. The stamina and dexterity will take you to newer heights unreachable by normal transportation. The ability to conquer mountains. You will be the one standing at the top of this World. Literally.


3 Free/Skin Diving with Apnea training - Imagine being able to hold your breathe for minutes at a time while swimming to deeper depths. The good thing about having this skill is the minimal equipment required. Just a mask or goggles and snorkels are optional. Combine this skill with pole fishing and all your friends will be cheering as you bring in dinner like a man born from the Sea.


4 Bushcraft or Survival Skills - This is a must skill for all Adventurers. For the untrained, the wild nature has become a danger zone. Not having the knowledge or skills can risk getting yourself into a lot of trouble. Bushcraft will allow nature to become your best friend. You will become knowledgeable and practical in plant life, animals, building natural shelters, lighting fires and a lot more. Being confident living out in the wild with minimal tools and practically zero technology. A true survivor.


5 Fishing - This is a nice to have addition but not necessary because Bushcraft does have basic fishing techniques. Enjoy an evening by the lake after a hard day adventuring.


6 Personal Pilot License / Paragliding / Skydiving / Hang Gliding - No Adventurer is complete without conquering an airborne pursuit! These can be a very pricey investment but worth all the adrenaline and freedom that the sky can offer.


7 Driving - I am sure most of you will have a driver's license. Being able to drive can offer memorable road trips and access to hidden sites where no public transports are available. Otherwise, tag along with a buddy who can drive!


8 Combat/Gun training - Being an adventurer can be dangerous and this can be useful especially if you plan to travel into dangerous territories. Being able to arm and protect yourself could be enough to deter potential attackers. Just pray you do not need to use it... Ever!


9 Any form of Martial arts - Fitness, discipline and self defense. It's one of the toughest sports and guaranteed way to get you into shape. Like all Adventurers in the movies (Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Romancing the Stone), how many lead characters have you seen that doesn't know how to put up a good fight? All adventurers should attempt to run from dangers at first but if that's not possible, knowing how to defend yourself could be your only way out of a bad situation.


10 Sailing - Being Captain of the ship and commanding your crew. Most have watched the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean', but back in the good old days we had games such as 'Monkey Island' that got me feeling like a "Seadog". Planning your routes at sea, discovering islands and running away from Cannibals. Now that's an adventure!


11 Any form of social Dance - You probably wonder why knowing how to dance would benefit being an adventurer!? If you are a dancer, you will understand that dancing is the universal language that we can communicate even with people who doesn't speak the same lingual as you! You'd be suprised how much more friends you can make through dancing. These could be the friends that will show you the most exciting places that a normal tourist would never experience!


12 Equestrian (Horse back riding) - Going back in time where we don't need cars, trains or planes to take us from 'A' to 'B'. Riding out into the sunset. Too cool.


13 Caving - Adventures hidden all over the planet within Caves, Caverns and even old mines. Miles of beautiful sites residing deep underground that can only be reached by crawling through wet, dark and tight holes. If you are claustrophobic, do not attempt, can be scary yet exciting!


14 Surfing/Kitesurfing/Windsurf - Too fun of a sport making this a must have for all Adventurers! Easily accessible sport and inexpensive that offers both a challenge and thrill!


15 Skiiing/Snowboarding/Mountaineering - Nice to have but not top of my priority list of skills since it can only be used where there are snow and slopes.


16 Cookery - Imagine being an Adventurer who doesn't know how to cook a decent meal. You'd be bored of the same grub everyday! Be creative and combine it with bushcraft's outdoor cooking while foraging for wild ingredients and trapping your own meal Yum :)


With these skills, it will allow any person to experience, see and do things that are out of the norm. Reaching places which can not be easily accessible by normal transportations. Destinations that require both a strong mental and physical fortitude making it worthwhile just for that moment in awe.

Now that you have read my list, ever wondered what kind of Adventurer you would be?

Interested in some of these skills? As an added bonus, I have listed reputable Schools/Companies which I have attended to learn some of these skills!

Scuba Diving

Rock Climbing





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